Custom-made gearboxes are the core product of Imetech Power Transmissions.
They are created to meet the specific needs of the client and are the product of the collaboration between our engineers and the technicians appointed by the client. This collaboration results in the production of a new plant, which is often an innovation in its field. We built gearboxes that produce a torque with a value of more than 2000 KN/m.

Our gearboxes are usually manufactured with a welded steel box, the gears and the pinions are made completely in ground steel and made in case-hardening and tempering material, and the output shafts are manufactured in hardened and tempered steel.
When it is possible and cost-effective we manufacture nodular cast iron boxes.
The technical specifications and procedures we follow guarantee a high quality standard. Special technical specifications were created to produce gearboxes used in environments where the temperature reaches the minimum value of -40° C.

Parallel-axes gearboxes

The parallel-axes reducers can also work combined and they are used to control wire drawing machines. We manufactured reducers producing a torque with a value of more than 1000 KNm, weighing 40 tons.

Gearboxes for plastic industry

They were fitted on injection moulding machines and single-screw extruders.

Worm reduction gears

Worm reduction gears to move the rolls of a straightener for ingots from continuous casting.

Reducers for motion

Reducers for the textile industry.
Reducer that controls the cooling plate on a rolling mill for the production of bars for reinforced concrete.

Reducers for wrapping

Reducers fitted on stretch wrapping machines, or used to control mullers in foundries, mixers or blender machines.

Reducers controlling

Reducers controlling a slitter rewinder for aluminium foil

Reducers fitted on a rolling mill plant

Reducers for straightening machines

Orthogonal gear motor designed for a roller conveyor

Coaxial gear motor designed for a roller conveyor

Speed increasers fitted on test benches

Speed increasers fitted on test benches reserved for gears and differentials in the automotive industry. Installed capacity: 150KW. Output speed: over 9000 RPM.

Head for a CNC grinding machine

Head for a CNC grinding machine with adjustable backlash

Rolling mills regulation system

Rolling mills regulation system produced according to the client’s design specifications. Steel industry.

Two-speed pneumatic-controlled gearbox

installed in the test laboratory at the Politecnico of Milano

Bevel pinions

Bevel pinions moving geared rotary kilns. In this case, manufacturing big pinions and ring gears consisting of various sections joined together is possible. The sections are designed with the FACE-GEAR method, which allows the expansion of the gear caused by significant changes of temperature avoiding any contact variation in the kinematic system.