These parallel- and orthogonal-axes gearboxes were engineered according to ISO, AGMA and DIN standards. They are used in those industry fields where high precision and reliability are required and can be found on lifting devices, on plastic extruder and mixers, in sugar refineries, in mullers control systems, in paper mills, in the steel, construction and tanning industry.

These gearboxes are manufactured with a welded steel box; the gears and the pinions are made in steel and in case-hardening and tempering material, and the output shafts are manufactured in hardened and tempered steel. Since they are made in steel they can be customized according to the client’s needs and requests.

Parallel-axes and orthogonal-axes gearboxes

As a complement to its product range, Imetech Power Transmissions offers a group of horizontal, vertical, pendular and orthogonal reducers. These reducers reach up to 1/70 twisting moments and to a torque value of 8000 da Nm.

Worm reduction gears

Worm reduction gears are used in those fields where high precision placement is requested. Classical example are robotic welding stations, grinding, or manipulator rotations.