IMETECH Power Transmissions acquired in 2016 the production equipment of TEC.MEC., a company specialized in third party mechanical machining, and at the same time assimilates its know-how gained since 1989.

IMETECH therefore becomes a specialized partner to carry out high precision mechanical machining of medium-large sized components, guaranteeing a high quality standard.

Our constantly updated machine park, allows us to perform the following mechanical machining:

  • CNC mechanical turning;
  • mechanical drilling operations;
  • mechanical milling processes.

To keep the production process under control, to certify the quality and precision of the manufacturing, in addition to the classic measurement methods, dimensional controls are carried out thanks to the Zeiss Accura II three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine.

Milling, boring and drilling operations for a movable platen of injection molding machines for plastic materials: dimensions 1200x850x1050 mm.

Mechanical processing of a reaction head of injection molding presses for plastic materials: dimensions 1200x1075x665 mm.

Mechanical machining of a fixed platen of injection molding presses with dimensions 1235x1085x365 mm.

Mechanical machining of milling, boring and drilling of a gearbox case for 120 ton overhead crane, with dimensions 2245x782x1060 mm.

The machined component is then subjected to accurate dimensional controls, also thanks to the Accura three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine.

Pinions moving geared rotary kilns (toothing made on a machining center).

In this case, manufacturing big pinions and ring gears consisting of various sections joined together is possible.

The sections are designed with the FACE-GEAR method, which allows the expansion of the gear caused by significant changes of temperature avoiding any contact variation in the kinematic system.