In the product engineering process, our experts make use of modern design software that fulfils ISO, AGMA and DIN requirements.

In order to control the extent of stresses and deformations, we use tools for finite element checks, so as to optimize the geometry of the components.

IMETECH has been collaborating for years with the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of the University of Brescia, participating in research and development projects.


The design of 3D drawings gives a complete overview of the product. Thanks to the simulation it is also possible to evaluate the functionality and the efficacy of the system, in order to avoid any problems in the manufacture and installation stages.


Professional training is an investment for us.

IMETECH Power Transmissions devotes time and resources to this activity, which is extremely relevant to its growth.

Under the guidance of qualified experts, our staff acquire the knowledge and the motivation necessary to make a strong and valuable contribution to the company.


Our production department consists of state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, which we constantly keep up-to-date.

Palletized vertical machining centres and CNC machines allow for the quick production of big and complex items.

The IMETECH machine park allows to perform high precision mechanical machining, with centesimal tolerances:

  • mechanical boring operations;
  • mechanical drilling operations;
  • mechanical milling processes;
  • CNC mechanical turning.


During the production process, our products are constantly checked with regularly verified and certified measurement instruments.

The metrological room, where the temperature gradient is kept within ± 0.5°C and the relative humidity within ± 3%, guarantees the high quality standard required.

To certify quality and precision in mechanical machining, dimensional inspections are carried out with the Zeiss Accura II three-dimensional measuring machine.


Highly qualified personnel are in charge of the product assembly process, which guarantees the quality of our products.

The assembly procedures used along with our equipment allow us to assemble gearboxes of any dimension.

For each gearbox, new or reconditioned, an assembly data sheet is drawn up with the operations performed and annotations of various parameters:

  • temperatures reached in the couplings;
  • gears backlash;
  • pictures of the contact checks between gears teeth.


Our gearboxes undergo a no load test on test benches before delivery.

Temperature (oil, gearbox case, bearings) and noise are measured; the correct functioning of the on-board systems (lubrication control unit, temperature, pressure, flow sensors) and correct lubrication are checked.

Once delivered to the customer, the gearboxes undergo load tests: plant start-up and its operations are controlled by IMETECH experts.