GT Gearboxes for shredders

IMETECH Power Transmissions is proud to present its new gearboxes for the recycling industry.
These gearboxes drive primary shredders intended for shredding and separating:

  • organic and inorganic waste
  • plastic and rubber
  • wood
  • minerals
  • scrap and light metals

The gearboxes presented are the evolution of previous models: IMETECH is constantly working to provide the customer with increasingly powerful, efficient and reliable products for recycling applications.


While designing the GT gearboxes, we faced many challenges:

  • variable and extremely harsh operating conditions
  • variability in terms of speed, torque and direction of rotation
  • presence of shocks and load peaks due to shredding dynamics

IMETECH’s Solution

After a long process of evaluation of different design solutions and an analysis of critical points of previous models, our engineers planned the new GT gearboxes.

The prerogative of these gearboxes is a high power density: the ability to transmit highest power and torque for processing various types of waste, while maintaining compactness and reduced dimensions.

GT gearboxes: a custom solution for every user of shredders

IMETECH’s GT double-shaft planetary gear Series has different sizes and versions:

  • 1 or 2 planetary gear tower, depending on applied power;
  • synchronous and asynchronous motion of output shafts, with the same common housing
  • connection for different types of hydraulic motors, in terms of brand and displacement
  • different gear ratios, depending on the customer need

GT Series boasts outstanding technical features:

  • output speed up to 46 rpm
  • input speed of more than 4000 rpm
  • high output torque up to 500.000 Nm
  • installed power of more than 700 HP