Success story: Imetech and Pronar

Imetech Power Transmissions is proud to be a core supplier of Pronar Sp. z o.o. – Recycling, one of the leading manufacturers of recycling machines and shredders worldwide.

Our GT planetary gearboxes are installed into Pronar – Recycling mobile two-shafts slow-speed shredders, the MRW2.85 and the MRW2.1010.

The Pronar slow-speed shredders are intended for the initial processing of all kinds of materials: municipal and construction waste, pallets, remnants of tree felling, roots, bulky materials, scrap metal or car bodies.

We have offered Pronar – Recycling our collaboration throughout the design phase, in order to provide satisfactory and innovative solutions in every technical aspect.

We are constantly working to offer Pronar gearboxes that are increasingly robust, reliable and durable.

The business magazine INSIDE INDUSTRY,  in the March-April 2022 edition, published an article about Pronar, which has promote their current activities and plans for the future alongside some of their most important supplier.

We thank Pronar for selecting us as one of their key partners that have contributed to their success, so as to demonstrate the strength and the high quality of their supply chain.